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"A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business"
About the Founder - Bret E. McCauley, CEO
Bret with President Bush in the White House Oval Office (above)

Sgt Bret  Evan McCauley USMC
United States Marine Corps – Retired Sergeant
Served Our President at Camp David in Presidential Security
Seriously Injured in Fallujah, Iraq on March 26 2004
Critically Injured in Fallujah, Iraq on Sept 6, 2004
Two Purple Hearts, Presidential Medal, Navy-Marine Corps Accommodation Medal
Received 90% Disability from the Veterans Administration in 2006, 
Upgraded to 100% in 2010

Bret with the President and First Lady at Camp David (above)
Entering the Marine Corps
Bret McCauley graduated from High School in Indiana in 2001 and left for Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, CA 10 days after graduating. While in boot camp, he excelled in all areas of military training, most notably marksmanship, scoring the highest in his platoon and one of the top in his company. Following boot camp, he began preliminary training for direct service to the President of the United States. While attending the Security Forces Training School at Quantico in Norfolk, Virginia, he received many awards while passing rigorous screening for trustworthiness, intelligence, and overall aptitude. After receiving his Top Secret clearance, he received orders to Camp David Presidential Retreat in Thurmont, MD. He continued his pattern of excellence while serving the honorable Mr. Bush. 

After two years of service to our President, and after the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he requested to be deployed to Iraq and was given orders to 2nd Marine Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, Camp Pendleton, California in February, 2004. He was immediately promoted to Team Leader and was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq on February 28, 2004.
Bret on patrol in Fallujah, Iraq
Critically Wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Injuries Received During Combat Operations
Bret's squad was ambushed on the outskirts of Fallujah on March 26, 2004 and he was shot with automatic fire. He received a gunshot wound through his left hip and leg receiving the Purple Heart. Bret opted to stay in Iraq and after six grueling weeks of painful recovery, he returned to combat operations and continued to fight for four more months.

Bret was injured again on September 6, 2004 by a car bomb, this time much more severely. Ten of the fifteen men in his vehicle were killed instantly. Bret suffered massive head trauma, a fractured spine, internal injuries, a nearly severed left arm, nerve damage, numerous shrapnel wounds, third degree burns, and damage to his ears and eyes. His left kidney and spleen were removed, and he was left with a 100% disability and a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). After 29 surgeries and long hours of physical therapy, he was promoted and once again given a leadership position as Platoon Sergeant, Support Company, where he remained until his eventual discharge in June, 2006.
Bret with Senator John McCain at Bethesda Naval Hospital (above)
Bret receives his second purple heart from Marine Commandant at Bethesda (above)

American Integrated Manufacturing, Inc - A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
In June 2011, Bret founded American Integrated Manufacturing, Inc as an SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business). Bret's goal in this great venture is to have a chance to "Give Back"

His goals for AIM are clear, "To provide career opportunities for other service disabled vets while serving our community, our nation and our military forces. The growth and development of AIM will allow us to offer long term employment and career opportunities to our local service disabled veterans thus giving them the means to provide for their families and develop long-term financial, emotional and professional stability.

I am Thankful... 
A Personal Message from the Founder

"I am thankful for the leadership, discipline, and courage that my military has awarded me. Although I left with a 100% disability rating, I feel as though I have taken away much more than was taken from me. I now shift my focus from excelling in the United States Marine Corps to excelling in Corporate America. I will carry the same enthusiasm, hard-work ethic, and strive for excellence as I did while serving so successfully under our nation’s flag. I then intend on furthering my education in many areas while working at the corporate level. It is my life's goal to pursue my dreams and achieve as much as possible because I have lost so many friends who no longer have that opportunity."  

Bret E. McCauley
President and CEO
American Integrated Manufacturing, Inc
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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business


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